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Blemot data-driven digital vehicle design suits every customer's need. Our solutions are based on innovative technology & design thinking. Whether to move people or goods, or to develop data driven delivery solutions. Our strength is integrating customer feedback with digital innovation to ensure our customers’ success.

The Last Mile Delivery Challenges

The Social Problem

E-commerce industry in India saw a gigantic boom in the last decade. This opportunity came with an intense demand of the last mile delivery or pickup services. Such logistics solution needed a flexible, fast and readily available opportunity to immediately grab the market. This also came up with exciting flexible full or part-time employment opportunities as delivery or pickup agents. Such delivery or pickup services needed drivers to carry packages up-to or around 30-40 kg or even more. Realizing such services lead to severe unrealized social problems.

Health Problems & Performance barrier

Delivery agents mostly can carry packages weighing roughly around 30-40 kg in a bag pack. This also limits per delivery agent capacity per day, because of human fatigue. With such bag-pack they have to drive their two wheeler vehicle uncomfortably, deliver packages on buildings with no lift and multiple time, cannot leave the bag-pack to avoid thefts even while climbing building with no lifts but stairs only. Further, driving a two wheeler with such heavy backpacks, they often meet with accidents while riding. This further limits businesses performance to increase the delivery per agent rather to increase the number of delivery agents. This adds up road traffic and further fossil fuel based pollution.

Loss of Opportunities

Pandemic such as COVID strongly proved that once our female workforce faces job loss, there is very less dignified employment opportunities left. Further, despite representing almost 50 percent of the country's population, women do not participate in last mile delivery or pickup operations. This is largely due to safety concerns associated with riding a two-wheeler. Enterprises in logistics are actively encouraging women to build a new job profile, or earn extra income in their spare time and May be this is how women’s empowerment should, and will, work creating.

Driver Safety Issues

RTO & Safety Violation by utilizing two-wheeler motorcycles in last-mile delivery operations

The Operational Performance Barrier

With no right fit vehicle available to monetarize the opportunities of e-commerce boom by increasing the delivery capacity per vehicle per day per trip, enterprises are struggling to solve the performance barrier problem. Most of the e-commerce current delivery or pickup is two wheel vehicle based, which limits the carry capacity up-to max 40-45 kgs, that to brings other social problems as indicated above. With no possibilities or solutions, enterprises are trapped in the current setup. On EV front as well the market is flooded with unregulated e-rikshaws which lacks the performance and regulatory requirements.

Keeping such problems as guiding light, Blemot incorporated 3+ years of research and development to understand the aspects of such problems and further incorporate design thinking philosophy to introduce India's first of its kind T-34 eUMVs that offers customization of its carry setup with universal chassis mountings. Further its smart, intelligent electronics adds up uninterrupted performance, driver and cargo safety with its safe, secure and ergonomically designed seating and carry boxes.

Discover India's first Digital Electric Vehicle T-34

India's First of its Kind

Electrify and digitalize your operational mobility

Electric Utility Mobility Vehicle

Designed in Switzerland, Made in India

India's first built for purpose digital electric vehicle.

A vehicle developed and produced to provide a beautiful and high-quality mobility solutions.

With a innovative design, the product perfectly suits any conditions and delivers your goods in a safe compartment, taking the load off the driver's shoulders.

T-34 extends its performance with stability of a three wheel and flexibility of two wheel vehicle.

IOT & AI Enable

Connected vehicle with inbuilt internet connectivity and data sharing

Dual Hub - Motor

Dual motor for more power

Better in wheel torque

>80 Km

Driving Range

Productivity First

T-34 with 150kg rear and 30 kg front allows 3 times the delivery capacity


Intelligent Vehicle Governance and Management

55 Kmph

Max speed

Suit your own Style

We work with our customers to analyze their requirements and device the optimal solution the BAT T-34 is a perfect choice for logistics operations, municipal operations, or in or around a facilities such as hospitals, stations, air ports, or for defense, security or police company this utility vehicle can get things done in no time Couriers can maximize . BLEMOT a Partner You can depend upon

Designed in Switzerland

Made in INDIA

Your next Workhorse.

Blemot T-34 is ready to take orders, and offers tremendous opportunities for performance gain in last mile delivery.

Blemot encourages Logistics or fleet masters to connect and discuss demonstrations or test rides or order bookings.

Benefits With Blemot

Your ultimate logistic partner

The BLEMOT platform is all about maximizing the load capacity - making it efficient and ergonomic, without taking up a large footprint. Available in multiple variants, BLEMOT t-34 UMV platform suits any need, with a load-carrying capacity of 150kg (back )and 30kg (Front).

Reduced Operational cost

T-34 requires minimal maintenance while extremely reliable and durable.

Reduced footprint

Zero emissions. Zero noise. Best in class power consumption.

Happy people, Strong image

Design specially to deliver and perform stop-go-maneuvers, with ultimate comfort and design your riders and customers will love it.

Increased Productivity

Brings three times the volume of your normal delivery bikes and saves 40% of your delivery time.

Blemot Solution

Our philosophy is that good design should engage you with all the great features of the vehicle in a way that allows you to reach your end goal effortlessly. We call it “fit for purpose”, and you can discover it by various services we offer.

Fleet and custom Solutions

Connected services

Warranties and second life

The Journey So Far

Q3 2018

A vision was formed to revolutionize the last mile delivery sector in INDIA

Q3 2019

Vehicle designing completed

(Chassis: REGISTERED/REGD./RD: 342944-001)

(Design thinking)

Q2 2020

First POC developed

Q1 2021

Successful testing & Patent Applications

Q3 2021

Final development & testing completed for certification


Last mile delivery deployments

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