The Vehicle

T-34 eUMV

Electrify your operational logistics

Discover BAT T-34 eUMV

Electric Utility Mobility Vehicle

Made in India

Innovation and Design Thinking

Generic social challenges, performance and operational problems of last mile delivery or pickup were taken as key philosophy to foreguide the development T-34 eUMV.

Safe driving comes from three wheel design. Ergonomic and comfortable seating. Containerized cargo storage safe, secure and locked. Zero emission, save cost and increase efficiency. Flexibility of two wheeler, narrow wheel bases allows sleek & fast maneuverability in traffic. Lithium ion battery with dual hub motor adds tremendous power to delivery.

Power Pack Performance

Versatile & Robust Chassis

BAT T-34 is an incredibly versatile vehicle. Thanks to its chassis design with universal connection points. The chassis design maximizes the number of packages that can be transported. Due to it's patented (REGISTERED/REGD./RD: 342944-001) chassis design and premium quality components, the Vehicle is also extremely robust

Chassis Patent: REGISTERED/REGD./RD: 342944-001

Ergonomic Seating

India's one of the first three wheeled vehicle with comfortable & adjustable slide in Slide-out seating solution. With its open design and narrow platform, a saddle seat makes getting in and out a breeze. Additionally, it offers best in class ergonomic and pleasant seating setup for relaxed and safe driving.

Intelligent Vehicle Governance & Management Technology

IVGMT is Blemot's inhouse developed IoT integrated Artificial Intelligence system. One of the India's first smart three wheel vehicle electronics system. The system constantly monitors and governs the vehicle through its communication network, to enable safe and connected drive. BLEMOT proudly claims this technology is the first time applied in INDIA's 3W e-UMV landscape. IP registration is in progress.

Complete Disc Brake System

Disc brakes are far more effective than drum brakes. Drum brakes have a much greater stopping distance. Therefore, disk brakes are excellent brakes for stopping the vehicle at the desired instant and distance.

When driving in city traffic, disc brakes are indispensable. They are easier on the wrists/palms when we're stopping and going.

Blemot is one of the India's first to implement disk brake system in 3 Wheeled Electric Vehicle.

Multifaceted Storage Solution

T-34 eUMV is a specialty logistics vehicle, offers to power your last mile delivery opportunity and increased operational performance of the business.

T-34 eUMV integrates rear cargo box with smart carry volume and capacity. This offers three fold increase in delivery capacity under last mile operations. The innovative cargo box is safe and secured locked to avoid any kind of theft. In the era of pandemics such as COVID, T-34 offers safe and hygienic logistics opportunity. This cargo box is well suited to avoid contaminations for medical or sensitive logistics, such a vaccines, blood, plasma or food & groceries.

This innovative front basket design places plenty of storage right at your fingertips, so you don't have to visit your cargo box every time you stop.

Blemot offers customization of its cargo boxes as well as offer variety of flat-bed options to rightly suit the logistics requirements.

The clever design maximizes the load space available on the platform, and combined with all available loading spaces on the model; it provides 1.25m3 of loading capacity, which is best in class fit for last mile vehicle.